Board of Directors

Updated Thursday July 12, 2018 by Luke Stapleton.

The Bloomingdale Athletic Club, "BAC", was founded in 1959. The BAC is governed by a Board Of Directors. The BAC Board Of Directors are responsible for performing the administrative duties of the organization. The program's meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Bloomingdale Village Hall. The meeting times are 7:30 PM during the off season and 8:30 PM during the playing season (Aug.-Oct.)


The BAC Football and Cheer Program, are long time members of the, Bill George Youth Football League, "BGYFL", which was founded in 1963, and originally funded by the Chicago Bears Legendary Linebacker, Bill George, with a $500 donation. 


The BAC Board of Directors is composed of Volunteers that are voted on each year.  Members of the BAC that wish to run for a seat on the Board Of Directors during the November election must attend four previous regular monthly BAC General Meetings.


The 2018 Board Of Directors, and area of Responsibilities include:


President- Chris Helms  Cell# 708-525-5136

Vice President of Football-BGYFL Football Rep., Park Dist Liason Frank Bucaro

Vice President of Cheer/Poms - BGYFL Cheer Rep. Denise Miranda

Secretary - Dawn Schram

Treasurer - Fran Mazeska

General Manager -  Paula Helms

BGYFL Rep - Luke Stapleton

Equipment Director -  Phil Terry

Volunteer Director- Sheri Degen

General Manager Football- Bob Bucaro

Football Camp Director- Phil Terry

Concessions Director- Nick Aloisio

Coaches Director/Field Director/PSC- Darren Kowal

Trophy Director-Phil Terry 

Fundraising Director- Micheale Post




Non Board Members...

-Website Director, Rob Degen


*PLEASE CONTACT THE BAC VIA EMAIL AT,  if you are intrested in joining one of our Booster Club Committees, or want to help out in some other capacity.  Thank you!