June 2018

Updated Tuesday September 11, 2018 by Luke Stapleton.

BAC Minutes

June 12, 2018


Roll Call: Board members present: Chris, Bob, Michele, Jimmy, Pete, Nick, Luke, Dawn, Phil

No: Denise, Sheri, Darren, Fran and Frank



Staring Time: 8:08pm


Minutes: Tabled Mays Minutes              


Mail:    Direct Pay, J&J check, Park District Bill, Comcast (2), Capital one check, cheer flyer


Treasurers Reports:     $40,523K in bank; 2018 Park district 9K bill, there was an $800 difference from 2017 to 2018 for the field


Approved (1) Phil (2) Jimmy


BGFYL Cheer:  table BGYFL Cheer information


BGYFL Football: Luke elected as Director of Communication; Darren – com/Division.  Ned Birth Certificates for new players and player who may of taken a year off.  Injury report in Google Docs,  Punt, pass and Kick scheduled for Week 9.  Flag Bowl game for week 9; 1 week of playoffs then the championship game.  BGYFL committed to a Chilis Fundraiser cards for 10% off and ½ goes back to the BGYFL.  Mandatory Coaches meeting Aug 13th.  Watch game for $30/team.  Huddle is $400 and Cross team $200.  Can swap game film on which is possibly channel based.  Dicks day is July 14 and 15th for the BGYFL.  July 16-18th is Tri-City camp with fill pads, not run by tri-city.  Aug 11 and 12th is the pig skin classic for Tri-City.  Everyones enrollment is down across the board.  Tri-City and Plainfield joined.


Equipment:  X-Small pants are needed, Equipment needs to be checked in and backed back out, ran out of raffle tickets


Field:   Nothing to report


Coaching; Nothing to report


Facilities: trailers moved to Circle South, Pete to get a new crank for the trailer


Bearwear: Nothing to report


Concession:  Nothing to report


Fundraising: Nothing to report


Team Managers: Nothing to report


Old Business: Nothing to report


New Business: Equipment handout June 27th, need coaches to assist.  For Pep Rally coordinating with the park district to use the same vendor for the inflatables, new signs everyone to grab 5 each and put up around town.  Reg – 26 = Flag; 107 = tackle; 87  cheer; levels – 8U–10 kids; 9U–12 kids; 10U–13 kids; 11U-11 kids; 12U-10 kids; Sr-13 Kids



Pictures: NTR


Trophy: Nothing to Report


Adjourn: 8:32pm

          Luke (1) Bob(2)






bac minutes June 12, 2018.doc