Costs and Uniforms

UpdatedFriday June 18, 2021 by Bloomingdale Athletic Club.

BAC Registration and Additional Fees

The BAC registration fee is $340 and the family fundraising fee is $150 per family, which covers the cost of insurance, indoor practice facilities, uniform rentals, competition gear, an awards banquet, and league, park district, and competition fees. Teams managers may request additional fees to cover homecoming activities, yard signs, customized gear, pictures, and competition souveniers.


Cheerleaders will received:

  • A Rental Uniform
  • Warm-ups
  • Briefs
  • Hair Bow
  • Competition Shoes
  • Socks

Rental uniforms and competition shoes may only be used at BAC sponsored events. Do not alter uniforms or remove tags. Return uniforms in clean and good condition at the end of the season. Cheerleaders must purchase white shoes for use during football games.